What is Offered at MCC

Individual Counseling: In our work with children, adolescents and adults we address problems dealing with developmental concerns, transitional changes, decision-making, stress and adjustments to loss. Many individuals entering psychotherapy usually have lived with chronic symptoms and are also experiencing change or transitions which can bring additional stress and emotional difficulty. This will affect one’s ability to make decisions, to be in “today” and create goals for the future. Our role as therapists is to assist individuals in sorting out the feelings, beliefs and behaviors that are effecting their particular situation, as well as provide them feedback and information that can help with the process as we work towards their goals. 

In addition to these modalities in treatment we also implement the following therapies to enhance ones need in healing: Sand Tray Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy. Please give us a call or email us with any questions that you may have.

Couples and Family Counseling: In our work with couples we know that a life time commitment is healthy for individuals, families and the community. Our role as therapists working with couples is to facilitate the restoration of health in the relationship even when partners are unhappy, conflicted or discouraged. Our work is to explore ways to nurture the relationship and find a means to enhance the commitment. We understand that some relationships are toxic and unhealthy. We do not promote marital or relationship commitments unquestionably, but with respect for safety and human dignity for each partner and, if it is the case, for the children. In family systems because children are so attuned to relationships, they often reflect what is going on in the system. Children do not operate in a vacuum and will not heal in a vacuum. This is why we involve parents, guardians and siblings in the treatment, which is often vital to the children’s recovery. In some instances, our roles may be to facilitate an amicable and peaceful closure to the marriage/relationship. More discussion will continue at the initial sessions. Please call or email us with any questions.

Clinical Supervision: Clinical consultation is a process whereby one person is designated to facilitate the professional development and therapeutic competence of another person or persons. This consultation offered is specific to the work and professional development of mental health clinicians. Also provided is consultation and supervision for EMDR and Play Therapy. 

The clinical consultation model that we have chosen to employ works within the structural framework of the three roles: teacher, counselor and consultant. However, the counselor role will be limited to treatment related issues, as we cannot ethically provide therapy for you as part of our consultation. It is used when your specific thoughts or feelings are stimulated by the client and interfere with effective treatment. The administration function covers all other aspects of counseling such as notes, ethics, licensure and business practices.

Trainings & Workshops: We offer a variety of training and presenting workshops in our specialty areas which includes the many years of experience in the field of academia and professional organizations.

Therapeutic Massage Therapist: Jane Sleeper, B.F.A., M.F.A., L.M.T At MCC our primary therapeutic philosophy is not only to heal one’s emotional pain from trauma, anxiety and/or depression, but also to heal one’s whole body; one’s whole self. Joan Borysenko in her book, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, states, "…live life in a way that maximizes contentment, creativity and love. This is what I call healing. The underlying desire for healing – for wholeness - is what we all have in common….”

Jane is a graduate from the Swedish Institute of massage therapy and the IM School of Healing Arts, both in New York City. Further, Jane has over 20 years of experience in body-work. She has had private practices in NYC, NH and Maine. Her work encompasses a variety of disciplines including: Swedish Shiatsu, deep tissue, cranial sacral, lymphatic drainage and energy balancing. Jane offers a massage experience focused on the whole person with health as the goal. Jane has the training experience and sensitivity to treat each client in a manner that will serve them best. 

Jane Sleeper offers adjunct services to our clients at MCC and to their family and friends so we may provide that mind – body healing for you.

Jane can be reached at 207-205-9239 for a massage appointment.

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